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The G&R Sisterhood

Hear directly from members of the Girl & Repertoire sisterhood and learn about their experiences in being part of our community here. 

Orla Gartland


Independent Artist & Songwriter

Girl & Repertoire is the kind of project the music industry has needed for a long time. As female artists, we’re taught to constantly compare ourselves and see one another as competitors, but what we really need is a community where we can all support each other.


Atlanta Cobb



After working in music for almost a decade, it’s painfully obvious that there’s a huge gender imbalance in the behind the scenes roles. It’s been so rewarding to start mentoring some the next generation of female music business talent and help give them some of the tools they need to succeed in such a male dominated industry.


Aislin Evans


Independent Artist & Songwriter

I was so psyched when Lauren and Georgie announced Girl & Rep and I'm loving being able to talk about this wild industry with mentors who get it and are like me. There's so little peer support for girls in music and it's so easy to see each other as competition, so any space that promotes women supporting and educating each other is something I wanna be part of.

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