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Join date: Jan 16, 2022

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Hey everyone! I'm a writer, artist, producer, sound designer and content creator (not necessarily always in that order!) and I'm really happy to be here online with like-minded people.

I make content like this for production companies 👇 and demonstrate how people can use their products (quite often mostly used for DnB) to make pop.

I also make preset packs for synths too!


I have a long list of songs that I'd rather other people sang and I've got a hard drive full of instrumentals I don't want to use... so, it makes sense that a publishing deal is what I aim for. I'm all about sharing skills and supporting one another so if there's anything you think I might be able to help with, please just message me. I'm a bit of an all-rounder (marketing, photography, videography, costume design, photo-editing, mixer, remixer, radio plugger, PR person, dancer...) but I've 'had' to do things that way because I don't have a team and sometimes doing everything yourself is how it's going to get done - particularly if you're the only one who sees your vision. However, I work in marketing so I'd be happy to help anyone with social media, content creation, websites and more. Love, Mouse


I love love love making YouTube videos about production. Here's one from my little channel 👇

This is the cover of my first EP, Angels Never Die. This photo (directed by me) was shot in my kitchen. I'd not really used photoshop before but I'm incredibly proud of the results. Storytelling through pop is my favourite thing.

Okay, that's probably enough about me. So, give me a follow and let's chat 😘

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