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Join date: Apr 13, 2022


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Hi lovely people!! I'm Mimi and I'm a 22yo music photographer/videographer from Belgium, based in Prague/Brussels but working all over Europe. I think the best part about this job is connecting with people and I guess that's our shared superpower here :))

I've had the wonderful opportunity to take photos of the craziest artists like Louis Tomlinson, Orla Gartland, Metronomy and Tommy Cash. My art style is colourful, vibrant and authentic. You'll see me playing around with long exposure, gradients and film photography. All to give that unique feeling to the photos so the artist can use it in their marketing and stand out from the crowd.

The goal is to move to the UK or any other place where the music industry is thriving. But for now, visiting every so often is all I can do.

Check out my website here:

And send me a message, I'd love to have a chat and know more about you :)


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Van Bouchaute


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