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Hello! My name is Georgie.


I’m 24 years old and I work in the music industry.


Sometimes (often) I get the urge to scream from the rooftops about things in this industry that aren’t fair. I grew up in a town just outside of Birmingham, UK, and started out in the industry at a young age. Like most women, I’ve had a few hardships throughout my career so far… some people might argue I created them. I’ve always stood up for myself and my colleagues or friends. I’ve always tried to do the right thing.


I love the job I do and I am surrounded by incredible humans.


I go to work feeling inspired, valued and safe. But I still think about these issues every day and I have to channel that energy somewhere. I want things to be different.


That’s how Girl & Repertoire was born.

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The name was devised from the infamous ‘Artist & Repertoire’ department that is responsible for finding and nurturing talent. I want girls to have a safe space where they can be supported, build invaluable knowledge, make connections and discover opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise even know about.


Setting this up is my idea of ‘speaking my truth’ without dwelling on the past. This is about the future of music and the even brighter future of the girls on our scheme.

I have teamed up with a bunch of incredible females on this, including my right-hand sister Lauren Aquilina.


Lauren is an amazing artist and has inspired countless girls across the industry with everything she has achieved so far. We have worked to bring artists, producers and songwriters together with the people that make it happen behind the scenes.

This scheme is for everyone – whether you’re an established artist, a manager or even in a finance team at a label.

There are two set ups – a Mentorship programme (for those wishing to start out in the industry) and a Networking programme for those already here. The Mentorship scheme will seek to support females who want to get a foot in the door and the Networkers will act as a ‘big sister’ to the Mentees, as well as establishing connections and growing confidence in themselves.


There are some private sections, where, as a member, you can access our filmed content , and chat with some amazing people who could teach you a thing or two.


We’ve worked with some of the most talented female professionals we know and compiled endless pages of tips and tricks to get you started.


We want to support you every step of the way – whether that be CV amendments, feedback on a song you wrote or a heart to heart after too many cocktails at one of our events (via Zoom – for now).

As you can see, we’ve built a website!

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